John H. Wood Jr. Charter District
To increase the capacity for human greatness!

About Us

The strategic plan of the John H. Wood, Jr. Public Charter District is to serve at-risk students who live in residential settings (juvenile detention centers or residential treatment centers) with exceptional and exemplary educational resources. We provide an environment in which students are encouraged to develop their intellectual, linguistic, social, emotional, civic, and physical abilities. The ultimate goal is to transition and integrate these students back into their home schools and society and to ensure they are capable of full participation in the process of family, employment, and community.

In addition to the mandatory Texas courses for credit, which we offer, there is also a common theme of character development, personal and social responsibility, vocational discovery, personal economic and financial responsibility, civic and community involvement, technology literacy, and reading improvement.

OUR Mission

To increase the capacity for human greatness!

OUR Vision

To create premier residential schools that:

  • are safe places, physically and emotionally, which develop and nurture students and teachers;
  • create a culture that inspires everyone to do their best;
  • help students maintain and accelerate their learning through a curriculum that is relevant, challenging, and meaningful;
  • individualize and differentiate instruction for every child to challenge them and motivate them to success;
  • allow students access to the latest technology and tools for learning;
  • prepare students for life—for healthy relationships, for a return to their communities, for on-going education, and for career paths; and
  • help at-risk students fall back in love with learning.