John H. Wood Jr. Charter District
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ABOUT Granbury Campus

Granbury Campus is located inside of the Granbury Regional Juvenile Justice Detention Center in Granbury, Texas. 4-M Youth Services owns the Granbury Center and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission holds the license.

The Granbury Center is a 96-bed secured facility serving both pre- and post-adjudicated youth. The facility primarily treats adolescents with drug and alcohol abuse problems.  County juvenile probation departments from the region and around the state place adolescents in the facility.

Our school serves males and females ages 10 to 17. Our average enrollment ranges between 60 and 70 students with about 35% in special education.

Granbury school staff includes a principal, school diagnostician, registrar, core content teachers (math, science, social studies, and English), a P.E. teacher, life college teacher, math instructional assistant, ELA instructional assistant, and one instructional assistant. All of our teachers are Highly Qualified in their subject areas and are also certified in special education. The campus uses the C-Scope curriculum, and students have access to a full range of computer assisted instruction including STAR Reading and Math, Accelerated Math, and A+. Other technology assisted devices used for instruction include Smart Board, Distance Learning, and hand held devices.

The Granbury campus has worked with various local community organizations to develop our “Keyhole Garden Environmental Learning Center.” We will have a link to our project shortly.

OUR Administration Staff

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FROM the Principal's Desk

Hello and welcome to the Granbury campus of the John H. Wood, Jr. Public Charter District. Our campus is in Granbury, Texas, a beautiful, rural town located just 30 minutes from the southwestern edge of Fort Worth. Locals and tourists enjoy a winding recreational lake created in 1969 by the Brazos River Authority. Additionally, everyone can find something of interest when visiting our historic downtown area full of quaint shops, restaurants, live music, an opera house, and city beach. Recreation is abounding with walking and bike trails, fishing, water sports, and championship golf courses. Often on weekends, the courthouse square fills with vendors, shoppers, and bystanders celebrating anything from General Granbury’s birthday to Fourth of July to Harvest Moon.

The maximum student capacity of our campus is 96, with the maximum student-teacher ratio being 12:1. John Wood teachers and instructional aides are highly qualified and provide full academic instruction in a technologically advanced environment. Instruction is delivered through a combination of traditional classroom settings aided by a myriad of educational technologies and software applications.

JHW Granbury continually searches for better ways to improve student achievement as we prepare our students to re-enter the traditional environment. We offer middle school and high school core and elective courses organized around C-SCOPE, a challenging, standards-based curriculum resource. C-SCOPE is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), our state assessment. In addition to grade-level instruction, individualized student schedules provide opportunities for both credit recovery and acceleration, while filling in gaps in learning providing our students with a strong foundational knowledge base in each of their core subjects. Intensive preparation for state assessments is a vital part of our curriculum as well as a structured character education program. We aspire to instill a passion for a thirst for knowledge where our students will become life-long learners. Special programs include gifted/talented, 504, and special education.

The Granbury campus focus is “To inspire students to create a life worth living.” The educational path to get there may vary. The vast majority of our students are preparing to earn their diploma by graduating from high school. For some of our students acquiring their GED is the optimal route as they move on to the next phase of their education and/or career. In this instance, the Granbury campus prepares students to take their GED through rigorous instructional courses. This may be further enhanced with an online study course. Although we are not an accredited GED program yet, the John H. Wood, Jr. Charter District is in the process of seeking this endorsement.

The mission of John Wood Charter School is to inspire students to create a life worth living. To help us focus on that mission, the JHW Granbury campus students and staff begin each day by reciting the All-Star Creed:

Today I will learn;
I will exceed expectations;
and I will respect others as well as myself
in order to create a life worth living!

By starting the day in this way, we remind ourselves that it is our choice to make it a great day!

Parent Information

The Parent's Guide to the STAAR Progress Measures can be accessed under the Parent Links on the Home page.

2nd Six Weeks Update

PBIS Success

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an innovative and empirically based classroom methodology to promote positive behavior and constructively resolve behavioral issues. Our campuses have used this program with great success. Please take a moment to listen to our Granbury principal, Marc Malloy, discuss PBIS (Principal Marc Malloy starts at the 4:30 mark).

Campus Chatter

Our campus has currently put together a teacher committee to review student performance and achievement for The President's Education Awards Program. The U.S. Department of Education, in partnership with NAESP and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, sponsors the award program to help principals recognize and honor students who have achieved high academic goals through hard work and dedication to learning. Recipients of this award receive a beautiful embossed certificate and a generic letter from President Obama. We wish all our students luck in this and all future endeavors!

In our endeavor to do our part in “Going Green” the teachers and administration staff have worked in conjunction with our partner school, Emma Roberson Elementary School, by collecting and delivering 475 pounds of paper, as well as providing 71 pounds of plastic to the City of Granbury Recycling Program.