John H. Wood Jr. Charter District
To increase the capacity for human greatness!

strategic plan

OUR Mission

To increase the capacity for human greatness!

OUR Vision

To create premier residential schools that:

  • Are safe places, physically and emotionally, which develop and nurture students and teachers
  • Create a culture that inspires everyone to do their best
  • Help students maintain and accelerate their learning through a curriculum that is relevant, challenging, and meaningful
  • Individualize and differentiate instruction for all children—to challenge them and motivate them to success
  • Allow students access to the latest technology and tools for learning
  • Prepare students for life—for healthy relationships, for a return to their communities, for on-going education, and for career paths
  • Help at-risk students fall back in love with learning.

OUR Values

  • Innovation
  • Embracing
  • Greatness
  • Integrity
  • Joy

    OUR Strategies

    • Good Stewardship
    • Enduring Healthy Relationships
    • Doing Things Right and Doing the Right Thing
    • Right People, Right Place

    OUR Perspectives

    Financial Perspective
    Strategy: Good Stewardship

    1. Maintain a healthy fund balance
      Maintain a 2–3 month cash balance; reserve funds for campus growth.

    2. Ensure revenue growth
      Increase revenues through grants, new programs, fundraising, and new campuses.

    Customer Perspective
    Target customer: At-risk and non-traditional students
    Strategy: Enduring Healthy Relationships

    1. Deep knowledge
      Know our students well, and meet their needs through schedules and instruction based on true individualization.

    2. Student Information Systems
      Implement Skyward and student data forms to make student information available decision-making and program design.

    3. Value leadership
      Become a leader in all aspects of residential school development and become a voice for the residential charter movement.

    Internal Processes Perspective
    Strategy: Doing Things Right and Doing the Right Thing

    1. Exceed accountability standards
      Meet or exceed all state and federal accountability standards

    2. Develop efficient systems
      Improve district communication systems (including web updates, Moodle, video) conferencing, distance learning, and SharePoint) and integrate and enhance district technology.

    3. Meet RF Tracker requirements
      Be 100% compliant in our special education program

    4. Implement a dynamic curriculum 
      Use C-Scope as the foundation for an interdisciplinary, thematic, integrated, relevant curriculumlearning system.

    Employee Learning and Growth
    Strategy: Right People, Right Place

    1. Maintain quality employees
      Develop supervisory skills in our leaders and establish an exemplary recognition program.

    2. Develop human capital
      Coordinate superior professional development activities for every employee

    3. Create a strong corporate culture
      Become one of the best places to work in Texas through having fun, rewarding success, encouraging each other, and fulfilling each person's quest to become the best they can be.